All services

cancelled through

April 1st.

Sunday Fellowship


8 am - Early Service

Informal, interactive message from God's Word

10 am - Study through Philippians


11 am - Worship Service

Nursery provided for newborn to kindergarten.

Volunteers are available for families who have children with special needs.  


All services

cancelled through

April 1st.

Weekly Fellowship
Monday - Titus 2 Ladies' Gathering                             Teen Girls Fellowship
Tuesday - Moses Club Men's Bible Study
Wednesday - Adult Bible Study
Wednesday - Children's  Ministry
1st/3rd Thursday - Iron Men
*Last Wednesday of every month there are no Children's Ministry, Youth Study or Adult Study. We have small group prayer meetings at individual homes.
Service Opportunities

99 Baloons rEcess

A monthly evening of respite for families affected by disabilities.

Click here to learn more.


S. O. S 

Youth serving our Savior in the communit



Crossroads Family Ministries

Camp CUMCITO/Opportunity Farm

Cornerstone Academy of the Ozarks

If Not for Grace Ministries

Operation Christmas Child

Sagrada Scholarship Bible Camp