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Study questions

OBSERVE: What does it say? 

  1. Read the passage three times and mark ANY of the following (you will not find them all in every passage). 

  • Commands (are we being told to do something? )


  • Concept words (salvation, justification, redemption)


  • People or places

  • Promises or blessings

  • Warnings

  • Illustrations (comparisons or metaphors)

  • Prayers

  • Other Scripture references


  1. How does the passage flow? Look for linking words (for, therefore, so, then, finally, because)

  2. Is there anything that tells you how the author was feeling? (emotion words)


INTERPRET: What does it mean? 


  1. Read a little bit before and after, does this help you understand the passage better? 

  2. What would be lost if this passage wasn’t there? 

  3. Is there a key verse in this passage? 


  1. Try to summarize the passage in a sentence or two. 


APPLY: How should I respond? 

  1. How does this passage cause you to praise God? 

  2. How does this passage cause you to confess/repent? 

  3. How will this passage cause you to change your behavior?    

WHAT DOES IT TEACH? How should I respond?


  • What does this passage teach about mankind/people?


  • How can I change? Set a goal that is 


  • personal

  • practical

  • possible

  • provable

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