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Join our church as we study the New Testament book of Leviticus and then follow up with the book of Hebrews afterwards.







Intro to Hebrews and Leviticus
Leviticus 1-7 Offerings
Leviticus 8-10 Priesthood
Leviticus 11-15 Purity Laws
Leviticus 16 Day of Atonement
Leviticus 17-20 Holiness Laws
Lev 21-22 Perfection of Priesthood

We apologize that the last two sermons in Leviticus were not recorded for the audio on our website, but you can view them on our Facebook Video section.

They are from Leviticus 23 "The Feasts" and from Leviticus 24-27 "Blessings and Discipline".

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