99 Balloons - rEcess exists to acknowledge and encourage parents of children with disabilities by providing a place crafted for families like their own. The desire of rEcess is to build a loving community around these families through a night that takes care of them so they can better take care of the ones that have been entrusted to them.


What is 99Balloons like in Warsaw?

One evening a month, during most months of the school year, a team of trained volunteers gathers to spend quality time with your child with special needs and any siblings who can come while you take an evening off at no cost to you. We strive to make it the best night of their week!  


We get to know your child and his/her needs ahead of time by visiting with you as a parent or guardian and having you fill out a parent pack. 


We host the free, three-hour rEcess events at the North Elementary School building in Warsaw 134 Kosciusko St, Warsaw, MO 65355


Why is it called rEcessThe capital "E" is for "Eliot," the little boy who inspired the founding of the international organization  99Balloons. Watch Eliot's story and be forever changed.  



 Pictures of our rEcess tell more than words can say

To learn more about the story of rEcess and 99balloons,
go to the following website... www.99balloons.org/recess
To register your child, go to   recesshub.com
or call  Connie McCray 
660 723 3718

Warsaw Bible Church

99 Balloons needs your help!

Ways you can volunteer:

  • Pray

  • Spread the word

  • Be a 1:1 volunteer 

  • Plan a craft for an event

  • Plan a program for the kids

  • Help play with siblings

  • Be the on-site medical professional


Contact Director Connie McCray 660 723 3718  mccrayconnie@gmail.com

for volunteer training information